I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a while since Des and Omri’s adorable in-home coffee date engagement session in East Vancouver. But today I’ve been digging through old galleries for the heck of it and I realized I’d never given this session the spotlight it deserves, and it deserves it because of how friggin’ cute these two babes are.

When I start planning engagement sessions with my couples we generally start off with a conversation about what kinds of activities they like doing together or what locations have special meaning to them. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting an epic location at sunset, but sometimes we dig a little deeper like we did for this session. And as you’ll see coffee and their new rescue pup play a big part of their time together, so naturally that’s what we did.

I won’t keep boring you now, just go ahead and have a little peek. Des and Omri are bound to inspire you to snuggle up in chair together with a hot cup of coffee and a cute little puppy.