Clement and Chang

Clement and Chang came to me wanting engagement photos at a very special place for a very special reason. The place? None other than the always epic Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC. And the reason? Because in just a few short weeks they’re packing up their lives and moving out to Toronto which, as we know, is very, very far away from all of BC’s gorgeous scenery.

We met for the very first time at the ticket booth at the bottom of the gondola and they both immediately told me “We’re really awkward in front of the camera”. I assured them, as I always do, that we’d work right through that, and I still honestly have no idea what they were talking about! Besides the first five minutes where I was the nervous wreck (and was probably telling the wrong kinds of jokes) they instantly fell into being natural, sweet, and all-round perfect to work with. They climbed the rocks I asked them to, they hugged each other tight, and even when I got really, REALLY close while they snuggled they went totally un-phased.

The weather had kind of tortured us all week and we had to keep re-scheduling, but since they were so tight on time we ended up just having to commit to a day and hoping for the best. Well, Mother Nature was on our side because we got a beautiful blue sky, warm weather and almost no tourists in sight. All in all, it was a perfect sunny day for engagement photos on top of a mountain, with enough daylight (and warmth) left over than we got to pop down to Britannia Beach to finish off their engagement session. (PS, it turns out that “Britannia Beach” is not actually much of a beach, and more of a tiny sandbar)

Best wishes for your big move, Clement and Chang. If you ever miss Vancouver and need another adventure, I’ll climb a mountain with you any day!