micro wedding at China Beach on Vancouver Island BC

profile photo of Ronnie Lee Hill Photography, Vancouver wedding photographer

Hi. I'm Ronnie.

I'm a Vancouver wedding and elopement photographer and I am crazy in-love with love.

I love the kinds of weddings where shoes come off in exchange for grass between the toes, where dance floors shake under our feet, and where we end the day with hugs, campfires, and a bottle of whiskey being passed around.

Backyard weddings, adventurous elopements or intimate sessions with your love... those are all my jam. If you're planning something along those lines I'd love to hear from you, so come say hi!


China and Perrin

Not to be crass, Ronnie, but holy fuckin shit these are absolutely stunning. We are knocked flat. You’ve done something we couldn’t possibly even have dreamed of.

China and I have talked about you a number of times, both privately and with friends. We couldn't be more grateful that it was you we linked with to photograph our special day. Your manner, your good humour -- just the way you are in the world was hugely comforting. We immediately trusted you, and we were so relieved when we discovered you were willing to give some direction once we were out in the field. It took so much pressure off, and made the walkabout we did together enormously enjoyable.


Whitney and Jason

We had a unique circumstance of having a wedding during the pandemic but Ronnie still followed through with shooting our little event of love. Even though she was a solo photographer, she somehow captured every single moment throughout the day, allowing us to look back at her creative work and relive that day perfectly. She captured our personalities in the most authentic way and made sure to take photos to represent us. Thank you Ronnie for being so kind, caring and an artist in the work you do - we couldn't have chosen a better photographer!


Katharine and Jay

Ronnie was an integral part of our wedding. From falling in love with her portfolio to discovering she's even more charming than her photos, she made everything about our wedding easier. When our plans changed from a 100+ person event to an elopement on the island, Ronnie was helpful, easygoing and up for anything. She brought endless creative ideas, practical tips for walking down a steep forest trail in a wedding dress, and even corralled our very small (but very rowdy) group of friends. The photos are incredible, and we HIGHLY recommend Ronnie to anyone looking for a unique eye to capture their wedding day.

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Lou and Nash

Ronnie was the photographer at our wedding, and I am SO happy we had her. She made the day look as epic as it felt, and all my family and friends were in awe of the magic she caught. Somehow she was able to photograph what felt like every possible angle of the day, as if there were 10 of her. And the final treatment she puts on her photos is amazing. Her talent is clear, and on top of that, she is incredibly easy to work with and very well organized. Her demeanour on the day of the wedding was so clutch - she was calm and positive, but still bold when she needed to get the shot, or get people to stop talking and smile haha. I would highly recommend Ronnie for any wedding. We are still blown away with what she captured.



But who isn't?

And as much as I love photographing Vancouver weddings, that’s never where the story starts. You saw each other from across a room or swiped right in a sea of lefts, and here you are… planning the start of a new phase of your lives together. And guess what? I love that shit.

So hit me up! Tell me your story. I can’t wait to hear all the gooey details because that’s the stuff that helps me create the magic.