Candid lifestyle family photography in Vancouver

When I first began doing family photography I have to admit, I hated it. I found it stressful, exhausting, and kind of scary. The idea of trying to capture everybody looking at the camera perfectly was a nearly impossible task that haunted my dreams the night before a session.

Then…it all changed. I was in the midst of doing my third nieces newborn photos (you know, the kind where she’s in a vintage tin bucket) and my brother asked “I know this looks cute, but I forget, why is my daughter in a bucket?”. I realized in that moment that the reason I hadn’t connected with posed family photography is that I’m not a posed person. I like candid, fun, real, and from that day forward lifestyle family photography totally became my jam.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing exactly what I love which is capturing the total insanity that is being a family with young kids. For me the perfection is in the mayhem. Running, laughing, getting dog kisses…this lifestyle family session has it all. Plus some of the most adorable little girls you ever did see.