BC wedding, elopement and family photography

If you’ve ever had to prepare a review of every piece of work you’ve done in the past year, and then be your own judge, you know that this is a hard fucking task. It always starts with the same idea, which is to kind of… toot my own horn so that potential clients and their friends will see how cool I am and hopefully hire me. From there I’m usually able to take a step back and realize that that’s pretty lame (and selfish) and I go back to the drawing board. So, I grab a cup of coffee and ask myself: What are my intentions with showing this work? And this year my intention is to show off how cool MY CLIENTS are, and how much they inspired me in 2019, just by being them.

In January of 2019 I spent a lot of time thinking about the year to come and what I wanted out of it. The conclusion that I came to was that I wanted to be able to really create this year. Not just capture, but create photographs that tell the story of how unique each of my clients are without pushing my own agenda on the images (which is harder than you think when it’s the end of the season and you’re burnt out).

I set some goals, put them up on my wall beside my computer, and dedicated myself to a routine that allowed me time to really connect with each client and come up with ideas that I’d never tried before, or that I just hadn’t done well.

After all of that meditation, goal setting, re-evaluating my work over and over again, and even a few high fives to myself after some particularly awesome days of making photos, we’ve come to this. My favourite captures of 2019. You’ll see weddings from all over BC, engagement sessions including sailboats, mountaintop portraits with a couple of badasses and family sessions with some of my favourite clients that come back year after year.

These are the people that keep me in business. These are the clients that share my name with their loved ones, who send me thank you cards, who say yes every time I ask “can I try something weird?”, and who make me feel  so damn loved. Thank you to everyone that I worked with in 2019 for trusting my creative vision, and thank you for referring me again and again. That’s the biggest high five I could get.

I love you all, and because of you 2020 is already shaping up to be one kickass year!

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A great year full of great moments. I love your storytelling skills.
You catch a wide variety of emotions from intimate to wild.