Vancouver Maternity Photography

Now, this session has a bit of history. I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful woman for somewhere around 15 years now. I’ve photographed her and her family through a million milestones. I’ve photographed her engagement, her wedding, her sisters wedding, her first maternity session, her son’s newborn photos, and most recently she trusted me to try out a milk bath maternity session filled with flowers, moodiness and and some sassy-ass outfits.

One of the things that I love about this session is that last time I photographed Erin in this space the entire house was a gutted construction zone. We’re talking exposed wires, no insulation, totally empty except for all the tools her husband Ryan used to re-furbish their dream home. Since then they’ve had their son, Cohan, they moved in and made this house a warm and comfortable home, and now they have welcomed a baby girl into the family. Erin’s first maternity session was as raw as it gets and I’m loving how much softer her milk bath maternity session turned out. I think it’s a beautiful homage to welcoming a baby girl into their space.

Special thanks to my girl Elise Comeau for stunning makeup, and bathtub florals by The Flower Box.