As I sit here under my heated blanket reviewing all of the incredible weddings I photographed in 2023 I have to say that the Gulf Island weddings are always my favourite, and this backyard wedding on Bowen Island is top of the list for sure.

There’s something so special about the Gulf Islands, something so calm, so earthy, so intimate that it makes me incredibly grateful to all of my clients that bring me into their worlds to capture intimate weddings like this one. Being a Gulf Island wedding photographer is a dream come true for me and I already can’t wait for all the weddings I get to photograph in all kinds of epic places in 2024!

Now, Jim and Jill basically won the wedding lottery because every inch of the land you see in these photos is family property owned by Jill’s grandma. She has owned the property “basically forever” and has THE most amazing land with vast forest, water views and even a tennis court that made for the perfect spot for a rowdy little party with all of their nearest and dearest. I think they may have had my first-ever daytime dance floor and it had all the energy of a late-night party!

Scroll on down for some awesome backyard wedding inspo (especially if you have a property like this in the family) and don’t forget me if you need a Gulf Island wedding photographer 😉