One of my favourite things about catching up on blogging is that (even though I hate writing blog posts) I love looking back at galleries from earlier in the year and being able to re-live the day with fresh eyes.

When Amy and Jordan first reached out to me about their Sky Helicopters elopement in the Fraser Valley she told me how intimate it would be and that they wanted to make sure the focus of the day was on them, and just them. Obviously I love this (and am kind of jelly as I plan my own wedding) and we began our mutual crushes on each other as we planned and got to know each other along the way.

As the day approached the outlook for a mountaintop wedding in the Fraser Valley became a bit sketchy as wildfires raged nearby and filled the skies with smoke. BUT on their wedding day we woke up with THE most pristine blue skies and our amazing pilot was able to give us an extended tour as we headed up to the very tops of the mountains near Pitt Meadows for their private ceremony and portraits.

As I look back on this day I’m struck with the knowledge that making your wedding day your own is not always as easy as “they” say it will be. Families want in on the action, friends have “helpful advice”, and it’s so easy to get derailed trying to please everyone else. But Amy and Jordan had the most perfect helicopter elopement for them and when we got back to the heliport their families were ready with big smiles and lots of hugs. It was so beautiful to see them so supported and I’m so honoured to have been present to photograph their day.

It’s days like these that make being a Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer so great, the area around us is so diverse and so gorgeous that any day is a good day to get married.

Congrats you two! Amy, we still need to exchange our lists of favourite true crime podcasts 😉