China and Perrin

I can’t stop obsessing over this Vancouver elopement. I mean. COME ON. These two are such babes, such sweethearts, and their love for each other gave me full body butterflies for the entire day we spent together.

China and Perrin came to me just two months before their planned elopement date. Like so many of my couples this year they decided to embrace the option of a much smaller guest list and focus instead on quality time together on their wedding day.

What does that look like? Well, for China and Perrin and their two best friends it meant an intimate ceremony in their room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim followed by champagne toast and some of the funniest family speeches via Zoom. Photos never do speeches justice (especially when you’re taking photos of a computer screen) but do yourself a favour and scroll down to find Perrin’s brothers in their tuxedos. And, you’re welcome.

After speeches we had all the time in the world for adventures, photos, and a couple of singalongs along the way. We started in *that* epic tunnel, then wandered around Iona Beach in the thick of the California forest fire smoke for some seriously rad portraits. The smoke made for this post-apocalyptic vibe that was painterly and mysterious and oh so dreamy.

When I meet couples for the first time I often hear the words “we’re so awkward in front of the camera”. And believe it or not these two uttered those words to me. But, China and Perrin, I hate to break it to you, you’re fucking superstars in front of the camera and I’d follow you around with my camera any day, any time.

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