Jenn and Zack

Ok, ok, so I’ve been on a bit of a blogging bender lately. I have a million awesome sessions to post and as much as I want to go in order I just keep jumping the line for all of my sunniest weddings, and this gorgeous, modern wedding at Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island has alllll the sunshine.

Jenn and Zack came to me through mutual friends and through our love for Tight Club (if you know, you know). They are the kinds of people that exude a kind of warmth that you want to be near and who’s many talents make them a super fun couple to be around. For their gorgeous wedding at Bodega Ridge Jenn made all of the vases and table numbers at the pottery studio Summer Skool and her extra talented friends at New Look Studio came together to do the florals that are, as they kids say, “extra”. Zack buzzed around keeping guests entertained and every single person felt the love.

When I asked these two what they were hoping for out of their gulf island wedding Jenn said “We wanted to embrace the Pacific Northwest and take full advantage of the beauty in our backyard and we wanted to make it a full weekend with camp-y vibes since a lot of our wedding is a community effort. We wanted to bring people together and embrace that sense of community so Bodega Ridge was our dream venue from the start.” And bring people together they did! There was karaoke the night before the wedding, the dance floor shook until as late as humanly possible and even from my cabin where I frantically looked through the days photos I could hear laughter ringing out high above the trees.

As far as weddings go, this one was one of my dreams come true. If you’re planning a summer-camp style wedding but want it to be just a little bit elevated, Bodega Ridge should be on your list. And, hey, maybe bring me, I swear I’ll dance longer next time!

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