Karen and Luke

(and their epic party wedding)

I don’t want to encourage you to skip to the end of this wedding right off the bat, but let me just tell you in advance that this wedding at Shylynn Ranch in Salmon Arm, BC was one hell of a party. I know, you’ve heard that before. But… there was a spontaneous limbo contest, okay? LIMBO.

Karen and Luke (and a few of their guests) are pretty special to me because they are also my friends. They are hilarious and weird in their own special ways, and so, so fun to spend a weekend camping with. Add in an insanely fun vintage-glam wedding complete with gangster rap and a smoke machine used for the groom’s ceremony entrance and you know that your hangover is probably going to absorb a large portion of your brain the next day.

When Karen had initially begun telling me about her vision, I have to admit I was picturing way more campground feels than a vintage glam wedding, and I’m so glad she didn’t tell me too much about it beforehand. When I saw her getting her grandmas blusher put into her hair, and the dress that she got last minute after her vintage dress didn’t work out, I’m not exaggerating when I say that my jaw dropped. I know Karen through my boyfriends softball team, so she’s often in some state of dustiness, but WOW. I stared at her all day, and I wasn’t the only one (but I was the only one getting paid to do it so… )

Shylynn Ranch was the perfect venue to be able to camp out together all weekend and have a rustic-style wedding that suits these two so well. If you’re hoping that your wedding is the party that all of your friends remember, then scroll on down and take notes. These guys did it right!

Oh, and incase you don’t notice it by yourself, yes, their dog Peanut is wearing a suit that matches Luke’s suit. Yes. That also happened.

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