By far my least favourite part about being a Vancouver wedding photographer is that for part of the season I’m outside in beautiful locations with a ton of amazing people (that part is awesome), and the other part of the season I’m stuck in my living room trying to come up with witty blog posts that will draw more couples to my work so I can spend another season out in the sunshine photographing a bunch of cuties.

Obviously right now I’m in the “try to be witty while living in your sweatpants and cuddling your stinky dog” part of the year and all I want is to be out there photographing beautiful weddings like S&D’s UBC Boathouse wedding in Vancouver. This was actually part 2 of a two day celebration but I just have too many photos to share in one post because let’s be real; you’ve probably hardly read this far… you’re scrolling photos, aren’t you?

An interesting shift that I’ve noticed in my 2023 and 2024 couples is that they are placing much more importance on candids and capturing the energy of their wedding day rather than long drawn-out wedding portraits that take you away from your guests for a couple hours at a time. I think Covid re-taught us the importance of being surrounded by our loved ones and it’s been obvious (to me at least) that my couples are much less worried about “the most epic portrait”. Having said that, even with the 20 minutes we did have for photos in one location directly beside the partying guests we banged out some killer shots and immediately got to the party.

So if you’re approaching your own Vancouver wedding with dread about being awkward for the photos, just know that I’ve got you no matter what, and wether we have 20 minutes or two hours it’ll be a blast and definitely a highlight of your wedding day 🙂