Buckle in babies, I have a lively one coming at you! This wedding at The Wallace Venue was absolute chaos (in a good way) from start to finish and had so many special little moments that it’s hard to show all of them without totally bombarding you with photos.

There was the groomsman who lost his whole suit on the sea bus ON THE WAY to the wedding, the was the couples dog who was so full of energy that his 10 minute visit almost made me dizzy, there was the Hora on the patio overlooking Vancouver’s skyline and… well, you get the point. The energy was definitely at 11 all day and we have the photos to prove it.

One of the biggest changes I’ve been seeing in wedding photography (for my own clients at least) is the shift away from long portrait sessions to prioritizing time WITH the guests that have come to be part of your celebration. One of the ways I help my clients achieve this is by carving out time for a first look (like we did here for Mackenzie and Marcos), and another way is to just let the day play out as it feels best and (when the time is right) sneaking away for a quick 30 minute session when the guests are occupied (like I did with Erin and Thomas while their guests drank coffee after dinner). It allows you to be fully present during the day without stressing about the posed portraits and replacing that stress with a collection of natural, candid moments that truly tell the story of your wedding day. If you’re one of the many couples that feels worried about the portrait portion of the day (like I am) don’t you worry! I’ve always got a plan to help you feel as comfortable, as present, and as relaxed as possible no matter how your timeline plays out.

Now go check out Mackenzie and Marcos’ Vancouver Wedding at The Wallace! Go! That’s what you’re here for!