It’s November when I’m writing this am I’m buried so deep in editing that has to be done that obviously I decided to spend the afternoon reminiscing about what an awesome summer I had full of some of the most epic couples. Erin and Thomas (the cuties below) put together one of the prettiest little backyard wedding that I ever did see, so obviously it hit the top of my list for weddings to distract myself with today.

Some of my favourite elements about their wedding (besides this insane yard) were the personal touches that were added to the day. They’re uncles vintage car, Erin’s flawless dress, the diy florals, and speeches that felt like they were doors opening into the hearts of the couple. Every part of the day felt so personal and so intentional and got me even more excited for my own backyard wedding next year.

As a wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience you can imagine that I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of weddings and I have to say: the surge in backyard weddings and low-stress timelines really fills my cup. I’m loving that couples are focusing on each other and how they’re going to experience their own wedding day. Your wedding day is not just about the photography or the food or the bridesmaids dresses, it’s about you and your story and ensuring that you get to be present on the first day of your forever together! So if this is your jam too I’d love to chat!

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