And finally, here it is, part 2 of Louis and Nashlyn’s summer camp wedding at Mount Baker. And oh man, does this wedding bring joy to my heart. If you haven’t seen part 1 I suggest you take a peek and come on back.

As you know from part 1 of this epic rock n’ roll wedding, this couple are very special to me. I’ve known Louis for nearing a decade now and seeing the way he looks at Nashlyn just melts my damn heart. They are both so sweet, so loving, such freaking talented musicians, and they were surrounded by so much love from their family and friends on their wedding day at Mount Baker. But… it’s not just the cute moments and killer location that made this day so rad. No. It. Was. Everything. Louis and Nashlyn are not only super talented themselves, but their entire wedding party was stacked with talented artist who came together to put on one epic party. There was a live band with members from  Blonde Diamond, Parker Bossley, and Fake Shark Real Zombie. There was a traditional Macedonian bread breaking dance during which Nashlyn wore her great-grandmother’s wedding dress (I’m 98% sure I have that detail right) and the wedding speeches were a roast on the groom which had me almost peeing my pants. But, the photos tell the real story, so start scrolling.

Thanks so much for an epic weekend you guys. Love you so much!