Iceland. Oh man. Do I ever love Iceland!

When planning my trip to Iceland, I had originally planned to line up some models and to spend my time doing styled creative shoots. Something to put in my portfolio, something to say “Hey! I go everywhere! Book me to go everywhere!”, but the moment I started to plan the trip that changed, because my parents eyes lit up and I could see that yes….they were going to book tickets to join me in Iceland. And they did. So instead of fancy dresses and models to stand out against the backdrop of waterfalls and volcanoes I documented my parents adventure through Iceland. There are still waterfalls and volcanoes, but there are also my super sweet folks, having an adventure of a lifetime and hamming it up for their annual portrait session with yours truly.

From Reykjavik to the Eastern Fjords, up around the Northern Coastline through Akureyri and back down to Reykjavik, the ring road provided a surprise at every turn. I expected lush green landscapes the entire journey, but we also saw lava-devasted fields that were black as far as your eye could see, rugged coastlines with whipping wind, farmland that looked just like the interior of BC, and pink mountains that oozed boiling mud and acidic steam into the air. There was something new every other hour and I can’t wait to go back to see everything that couldn’t be fit into this first trip.