Kara and Daniels wedding in Victoria, BC

I love me some bright summer weddings, but even more than that I’m absolutely crazy about all of the couples that have taken the lemons that Covid gave them and have managed to make a big ol’ batch of lemonade out of it. Kara and Daniel are two such cuties who went from “Covid is ruining our wedding plans” to “let’s have the best damn (little) wedding ever!”. And let me tell you, their two-part wedding at The Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria was just that. It. Was. The. Best.

I know, I know. Every wedding is the best. But what really made this one stand out to me was all of the creative ways that Kara and Daniel made this wedding their own and managed to stay within the Covid guidelines. At the time the restrictions included up to 50 guests max, no dancing, and no mingling (which meant guests had to stay at their tables when indoors). So how do you still make it a light and carefree party? Well, get ready to take notes.

First of all, masks for everyone. Yup, it’s the party favour of 2020 and Kara and Daniel made sure that every guest had their own mask at their place settings along with a pack of playing cards to keep the families entertained with their safe 6 bubbles. Next up, outdoor games! Giant Jenga, Connect Four, bean bag toss, they had it all! But my favourite part was the first dance. Since restrictions at the time limited mingling, Kara and Daniel invited each couple to join in on the first dance at their own tables. It meant they still got to enjoy the energy of a first dance while keeping everyone safe and healthy. And finally, they had two receptions in one day. The morning guests were there to witness the ceremony and have a nice lunch together, while the afternoon guests got to partake is some outdoor games, distanced mingling and cocktails. The staff at Inn at Laurel Point were incredible at making sure all protocols were followed and that safety was top of mind while still allowing a for some carefree fun.

I know that it’s not easy planning your wedding or elopement with all of the changing health restrictions right now, but there are so many fun ideas floating around for how to have a smaller, but still fun, wedding of your dreams. And if you need help coming up with fun ways to keep your guests entertained hit me up! I’m always happy to help.