Amanda and Micheal

So, when I met Amanda and Micheal I had the initial impression that they were a bit on the shy side and that the wedding would be a sweet, quiet celebration with lots of emotion. Well. I was right about the emotion but DAMN was I wrong about these two being shy and quiet! Their wedding at The Permanent in Vancouver was so raucous, so full of huge laughs, high fives, and dance floor shenanigans that I went home that night and had to sleep for a full day afterwards. These two absolutely destroyed the dance floor and their friends were so much fun!

From the moment of Amanda’s dad seeing her in her dress for the first time to Amanda and Micheal’s private vows at The Permanent before the ceremony, to the speeches that left ALLLLL of us crying (and laughing hysterically) to watching these two dance together surrounded by their family and friends I knew this was a wedding that I wouldn’t soon forget. Add in just how sweet they are and what awesome vendors they had to help make the day run smoothly and it really was a perfect day.

Thank you so much Amanda and Micheal (and your insanely fun wedding parties) for such a fun day at your Vancouver wedding, and for letting me be part of the party 😉