The most beautiful baby bump

Okay, so I might be a bit biased because the bump in these dark and moody maternity photos belong to my best friend of almost 20 years, my hilarious girl Robyn. Now, to understand the kind of relationship that Robyn and I have you first need to know that we first met at my birthday party, which I was told was 80’s themed (but nobody else was given those instructions). I walked into the bar wearing a leather mini skirt, a mesh top of some sort, fully crimped hair, and a white trench coat that was trailing behind me. To hear Robyn tell it she knew as soon as she saw my white trench coat flapping in the wind that she wanted to be my friend. That night we bonded over shots (being total strangers at the time) and we have ridden every one of life’s highs and lows together ever since. And now I am SO excited to be seeing this growing belly and the little kicks coming from within.

Now, this dark and moody maternity session is a result of me bugging Robyn repeatedly to let me take her photo. She hates being in front of the camera (don’t we all), so two weeks ago while I was helping her purge closets to get ready for piles of diapers I told her it was time. The sunbeams were calling me and I just knew that it had to be done then and there. I had exactly 15 minutes to snap photos before the sun disappeared, and I used every single second to create something specific to my bestie. I wanted to show her off as the goddess I’ve always seen her as and the ray of sunshine that she is to so many.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be seeing this woman grow into a mama. I hope that this little one inherits it’s mommy’s love of adventure, it’s daddy’s love of sports, and Auntie Ronnie’s love of art 😉

Robyn. I love you so much. I am immensely proud of you and so thrilled to have been picked by you as a lifelong friend.

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