Everyone deserves a little pink champagne for breakfast.

You may know her as the glowing face of Youngblood, but I know her as Alexis, my beautiful, talented, intelligent and super switched-on friend who happens to be an incredible performer and singer. One of my favourite things about Alexis is her laugh…it’s a laugh that FILLS a room and makes everyone smile, and her sharp sense of humour often means that everyone around her is laughing. Another thing that I love about Alexis is her honesty about body image. Alexis is a very positive voice in the story of how we all struggle to love the bodies we’ve been given and how to stop judging ourselves.

Boudoir photography has always been a passion of mine. I love spending time with women learning about their body image, hearing what they love most about themselves and why it was the right time in their lives to document their beauty and confidence. There is nothing that I love quite as much as seeing a woman’s eyes light up when she sees how gorgeous she is through my eyes and my lens. Of course, I still struggle with my own body image issues but being able to see the many shapes of beauty helps to remind me that I am my own shape of beauty.

While this wasn’t a true boudoir session (but more of an excuse to hang out in cute underwear drinking pink bubbly for breakfast) the inspiration stems from boudoir and my love for intimacy in photography.