Rebecca and Eric

Ok, get your slippers ready because this stylish winter wedding at the Vancouver Club (and definitely Rebecca’s stunning red wedding dress) might just knock your socks right off.

At my first meeting with Rebecca and Eric she subtly mentioned that she would be wearing a non-traditional wedding dress. Once we’d each had one cocktail it was revealed to me that it would be a RED wedding dress and I’ll admit, I was super curious what that might look like. WELL. When I showed up for their first look and Rebecca was standing in front of the mirror at The Vancouver Club my eyes popped out of my head. I mean, LOOK at that dress! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how perfectly a red wedding dress would suit her style and personality. It was perfection, I tell you. Perfection.

When I met Rebecca and Eric the first thing that struck me was how sweet they both were and how their vision for the day really revolved around being with their nearest and dearest. Smaller weddings (theirs had under 70 guests) are very quickly becoming my favourite kind of wedding. With a smaller guest list the couple gets so much more time to interact with each guest and I get so much more time to be creative. Instead of constantly running around trying to capture each guest I get the time to actually say hello, to get involved in the energy of the wedding and to watch for genuine moments that are happening around me.

Big thank you to the team that made this wedding at The Vancouver Club so seamless. Check out the list of vendors below, especially if you need to know where that dress came from!