Karen, Luke, and a sailboat.

Ahhhhh! I am missing summertime so much these days that I’m finding myself digging through some of my favourite engagement photos from last year and daydreaming about the warmth on my pale skin. If I concentrate reeeeeallyyy hard I can almost feel how warm it was during Karen and Luke’s sailboat engagement session in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, and can just about feel the ocean air on my face.

Whenever I’m planning an engagement session I like to make an effort to include an activity or location that is important to the couple. With Karen and Luke it was insanely easy to decide because I knew that Karen was part of a sailing team, had access to a boat (and a captain), and that both of them were game for pretty much anything I came up with. So, after months of trying to get it together we jumped aboard and off into the sunset we sailed.

Sounds easy, right? Well, yes. But also no. What I didn’t anticipate was how restricted my movement would have to be, and how stressed I’d be with all of my most expensive equipment attached to me while I moved around blindly with a camera to my face, dangling over the side of the boat to “get the angle”. And then, to top it off, I asked to be hoisted wayyyyyy up the mast to be able to shoot from above. Do you.. know what that’s like? Swinging around in a harness while trying to grip the mast with your legs on the open ocean with camera gear smashing into your legs while trying to direct two people to look adorable and not react to how freaked out I look? Yeah. It was AWESOME. Like, actually awesome. I had no idea sailboats were so fun!

Anyways, check it out for yourself, and scroll down to find that shot from above and just imagine me hollering “OKAY! I got it! Let me down! No! Not higher! DOWWWWN!”


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