Tyler and Nora

Covid-19 might be able to stop me from getting dinner on my favourite patio or having a BBQ with all of my friends but it definitely can’t stop love, and it definitely wasn’t going to stop Tyler and Nora from (safely) enjoying their Quadra Island elopement.

Just like so many couples this year Tyler and Nora were not immune to the difficulties of planning a wedding that was happening in the middle of a pandemic. Luckily they had a leg up on Covid-19… they had the option of hosting their intimate Quadra Island elopement at Nora’s mom’s house that just happened to have one of the most spectacular views on the island. Add in a surprise flash-mob style serenade at the end of the ceremony which had EVERYONE bawling and this will always go down as one of my favourite Gulf Island weddings of all time.

As we wandered through fern-filled forests and down the rocky beaches of Rebecca Spit I remember being absolutely taken with Tyler and Nora. They are so down to Earth, so sweet with each other, and ooze kindness in every interaction. You could tell how loved they are and how much they love in return, which are exactly my kind of people.

Thank you Tyler and Nora for allowing me to be part of your beautiful Quadra Island elopement, and thank you especially to your friends who did the most hilarious roast rap of all time. I peed myself laughing, but just a little.

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