Esther and Jeff

When I’m meeting new couples for the first time I often look for the subtle little ways that they communicate with each other. Are they goofy? Sweet? Extroverted? Shy? Affectionate or reserved? All of these little cues let me know how it might be to work together and wether or not they’ll connect with my style of capturing their love. Well, Esther and Jeff are 100% adorable and goofy and were completely up for my ridiculous prompting for their Pitt Lake engagement photography at sunset. One or two awkwardly sensual sighs later and we have a session full of laughter, cute cuddles and sun kissed smooches.

One of the things that let me know that Esther and Jeff were my kind of clients was during our initial meeting Jeff let me know that I was allowed to get as creative as possible with their photos. When I hear that I instantly perk up and began crossing my fingers and toes that I’d book their wedding. Well, now we’re only a few months away from the big day and I can’t wait to see Esther burst out laughing every time Jeff whispers something hilarious in her ear.

I’m so glad we trekked all the way out to Pitt Lake for their sunset engagement session, and I’m counting the minutes until what is bound to be a magical wedding at Cecil Green Park House.