Erika and Malcolm's backyard elopement

I have a secret: I love being an elopement photographer. Don’t worry! I still love big weddings too, but there is something just so sweet about two people getting married surrounded by their chosen few and choosing to make the day entirely their own.

It was no secret that Erika and Malcolm might get married one day, but it WAS a secret that they had planned a backyard elopement in Erika’s parents backyard near Pitt Lake. Only their immediate families and Erika’s best friend knew what was up, and I just happened to be lucky enough to be chosen as their elopement photographer.

When I saw Erika in her red sari I have to admit, I felt like I might explode. She looked SO gorgeous, her hair loose and hanging on her shoulders and allllllllll the gold jewelry that she could fit onto her head, arms, and neck. She beamed as she waited to see her soon-to-be hubby who waited patiently in the backyard.

After a beautiful traditional ceremony that had all my senses feeling overwhelmed with joy we headed over to Pitt Lake for a quick portrait session and a few laughs while we wandered around in the sunshine. I love this area so much and will never get tired of the mix of mountains, lakes and the way that red sari popped from the landscape.

Thanks for finally letting me post these you guys! I’m glad you finally spilled the beans 😉

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