Eniko and Zach

Sometimes, out of nowhere, you meet new people that you know instantly you want to be friends with. Eniko and Zach are exactly those kinds of people. They are kind, sweet as hell, lively, and they put together my absolute dream wedding. Yes, that’s right, they had a gorgeous motorbike themed boho wedding. And yes, it was held INSIDE a motorbike shop.

So, these two came to me through my friend Wayne, who recommended me just two weeks before their wedding. They had technically tied the knot in LA where Eniko is from, and when she told me they were having a “casual wedding in Zach’s motorbike shop in Vancouver” I imagined bikers in jean vests (dude, yes!) kegs (mmmm) and rock n roll. Well, damn was I surprised to walk into the MOST adorable intimate boho wedding, full of macrame wall hangings, pretty little flowers everywhere and yes, a live rock n roll band. There was only one jean vest in the house, but what a jean vest it was.

Zach, who owns International Motorsports, was the most handsome groom and Eniko turned everyones heads all day long. We only had to venture two blocks for some amazing light in the alleyways of East Vancouver, and despite it being February we lucked out with what looked like the perfect summer day (reality was a bit crisper, especially for someone from Los Angeles).

Thanks so much for trusting me to get a bit weird with your portraits and to create something uniquely “you”.