Katharine and Jay

Camper vans and cuddles? Yup. That’s what we’re about to dive into here so get ready for some cuteness because Katharine and Jay’s engagement session at Minnekhada Lodge is finally here and I looooooove these two.

When I first met Katharine and Jay over beers (remember when we could hang out in breweries?!)  they mentioned that they had a rad camper van, or… camper bus. And if you know me, you know that my imagination immediately started going for all of the fun things we could do with it. Initially we’d talked about using the bus for wedding photos but truth be told, I couldn’t wait, so we decided to drive it down some dirt roads down to Minnekhada Lodge for their engagement session (and a little bit of exploration).

We first started off in East Van, and if you’ve been to this spot you’ll able to pick it out immediately. The famed 1000 Parker Street Studios hosts tons of local artisans and happens to be one of my favourite back alleys in the city. Somehow it manages to look like an urban western movie set while getting all the good evening light and providing a truly unique place to get creative. Luckily for me Katharine and Jay were up for anything I threw their way and in the end we got too many awesome shots for me to include in one blog post.

And since it’s taken me so long to catch up on my blogging we’re now only a few weeks away from their elopement on Vancouver Island which I am SO excited for. I’m not sure if the camper bus will be there, but anywhere that these two go will bound to be a ridiculous time.

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