A rainy day with Andy and Mae

Imagine this: you plan a perfect summer wedding on Vancouver Island at Merridale Cidery and Distillery. You dream of golden light, a warm breeze, and music blasting in to the night. And then… you wake up the morning of the wedding and there is a torrential downpour, the power is out, you can’t dry your hair or steam your dress. You can’t play music or cook food or even charge your phone enough to be able to hook it up to a speaker.

I won’t lie, it seemed for a brief moment that it might be a difficult day, but I kid you not, the moment Mae walked up behind her waiting groom for their first look the power came BACK ON! All of it! Everywhere! And the moment Andy turned around and saw his soon-to-be-wife and I saw how she beamed at him, well, yeah, I burst into happy tears.

After the vows were said and we all laughed at the rings being left in the Yurts the sun came out and Merridale Cidery absolutely glowed. We filled our bellies with delicious food, danced until much too late and I ran into pretty much every guest the next day, waiting in line for more cider. If there’s any better sign that the wedding was perfect I don’t know what it is.

Thanks so much for sharing your love with me, Andy and Mae! Say hi to the kitties for me.

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