Guitars and big hats in East Vancouver


You might only know Matt Kelly by sound, but if you know him personally you also know that he is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. He’s super tall, gentle as can be and extremely easy to talk to. Besides being a gentle giant he’s also a very accomplished pedal steel, guitar and keyboard player who you can catch onstage with City and Colour, Ben Rogers, and other such bands when he’s not already on tour.

For this creative portrait session Matt and I got together to shoot some photos he told me that he was living in kind of a weird house in East Vancouver, and that it “may or may not” be good for photos. Being the curious cat that I am I just had to check it out for myself and of course… it was perfect. It was barren, had cool light from every direction and well, honestly, all we needed was Matt and his guitar anyways.

Feel like you’d like to find out more for yourself? I don’t blame you. Scroll on through the photos below then head on over to Matt’s Bandcamp page here. You’ll be thankful you did 🙂