Vancouver Maternity Photography

As I look forward to a whole new year of creativity and adventure I found myself looking back at some old favourites and my all-time favourite maternity session came to mind. So, naturally I realized that I should put it up on the new blog!

This maternity session is special to me for a number of reasons. This baby-mama is a very dear friend of mine and I’ve photographed so many milestones in her life that we’re basically family. So, when she and her husband were starting a family of their own I knew that I needed it to be something special.

While Erin was pregnant she and her husband Ryan were at the very beginning stages of building their dream house in East Vancouver. The house was a complete construction zone but Erin desperately wanted to be able to do photos in what would one day be the bedroom she would hold her baby in. I told her it wasn’t likely possible because A) it was winter and there was no heat and B) because there was no power, so no light. Reluctantly she agreed.

What Erin didn’t know what that I was secretly plotting with her hubby to transform the space into a dreamy, moody wonderland. I scoured Pinterest and finally came across this amazing wax paper backdrop (which only took me a full week to hand-sew). On the morning of Ryan pretended he had to miss the start of the shoot (which Erin thought would be at their condo in Yaletown), and he let me in to the construction zone to set up. Last minute I told Erin of the venue change and that we would “try it out”. When she arrived the backdrop was glowing in their future bedroom, Ryan had plugged in space heaters, and we got to capture some of the dreamiest maternity photos ever.

Besides styling herself perfectly, Erin brought along one of my favourite makeup artists Elise Comeau who took Erin from soft and dreamy to KAPOW and back to soft and dreamy in no time. I sure do love both these gals (and you too Ryan!).