Graffiti and Tattoos, a casual engagement Session


With wedding season fast approaching I’ve had engagement sessions on the brain pretty much 24-7. So many of my couples this year opted to include engagement sessions in their photography packages, which means I get lots of beautiful days spent with super fun people getting to know all about them and learning what makes their connection uniquely them.

When I’m in the planning stages with my couples one of the things I hear most is “We’re so awkward in front of the camera”. To that I say: Awesome! I love awkward. Awkward I can relate to. Put me in front of any camera and I literally forget everything I know about looking good in front of a lens. Thankfully though when I’m safe behind the camera I can work awkward till its the most fun you’ve had all week.

Another thing I often hear from couples is “We just want to feel like ourselves”. This is like a song in my ear because, honestly, what I love most about photographing couples is how different each connection is, and engagement sessions really allow me to get to know both people in a very special way. Some couples are snuggly and mushy, and some couples are goofy and playful, and Jeremy and Katrina definitely fall into the latter category. In fact, they specifically asked for a cuddle-free casual engagement session in East Vancouver which suited them perfectly. I did sorta make them cuddle a little bit, but only because it made them laugh so hard, which made me laugh super hard, which made it a super fun afternoon.

And, if all the laughter wasn’t enough, they brought their brand-new puppy, Bruce, who you definitely need to meet, or at least scroll down to see 😉

Can’t wait for your wedding at the Wise Hall this June you guys! I hope Bruce will be there!