Mural Fest gems and Homer Simpson impersonations in East Vancouver

Karen and JP are getting married this Saturday. I say again, Karen and JP are getting married this weekend and I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day forever! When we first met at Lupollo Brewing in Vancouver I knew right away we’d spend our time together laughing our butts off, and I wasn’t wrong.

For their engagement session we initially wanted to hit a park near their house, but when we got there it was swarmed with people out enjoying the late summer sun. Luckily, the Vancouver Mural Fest had just finished and one mural in particular stood out to us as the perfect backdrop (I mean, how perfect is that black and white mural by Tyler Keeton Robbins with Karen’s gorgeous red hair?!). We got the last of the rays peeking through storm clouds and laughed the night away as we chased the light.

I can’t wait for your wedding this weekend guys!