Paige and Jeff

What can I say that I haven’t already said about weddings at Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island? That they’re always amazing? That I always luck out with perfect weather? That the couples that bring me there for their weddings are somehow always the cutest, sweetest, and most fun couples ever? At this point it’s almost getting ridiculous how awesome all of my Gulf Island couples have been and I still have more Bodega Ridge weddings coming up this year! How did I get this lucky?!

Now, this might all sound like I’m saying my Bodega Ridge weddings might start blending together for me, but really it’s the opposite. While it’s true that I get pretty damn lucky with my couples, the thing that I’ve found after about a dozen weddings at this gorgeous venue is that they all still manage to bring entirely their own character. No two have been the same yet.

Paige and Jeff brought absolute sweetness to their wedding day. These two are high school (or maybe junior high school?) sweethearts and essentially grew up together. The fact that they still beam at each other and light up like a new moon any time the other one walks into a room is a testament to how much love they share. And it’s not just for each other. Each and every guest oozed love and excitement and genuine happiness for these two and their wedding was definitely one for the books, if just for how many times Paige’s dad cried (and how many time he made me cry because of how cute he was).

Check out the many, many photos below (hey, whatever, I couldn’t narrow it down anymore, they’re too cute) and the vendors that made this day so flawless. I can’t wait to get back to Bodega very soon!