Bride and groom hike over rocks after their elopement at Whytecliff Park BC

Your love is a work of art. Let’s give it a chance to shine.

I’m a strong believer that every love story deserves to be told. Your story should be shouted from the rooftops. It should be framed and hung on walls. It should be told to future generations in a way that lets them experience that love as if they were in the room the first time you held hands. And that’s where I come in.

I’m here to help tell YOUR story in all of its realness. I’m not just your wedding photographer, I’m your wedding planning support system, I’m your timeline guru, and I’m the one that steps in to get your aunt to put her cell phone down during the ceremony so she can enjoy the moment in front of her. I’m here for YOU. Because damn it, you deserve it.

Katharine and Jay

Ronnie was an integral part of our wedding. From falling in love with her portfolio to discovering she's even more charming than her photos, she made everything about our wedding easier. When our plans changed from a 100+ person event to an elopement on the island, Ronnie was helpful, easygoing and up for anything. She brought endless creative ideas, practical tips for walking down a steep forest trail in a wedding dress, and even corralled our very small (but very rowdy) group of friends. The photos are incredible, and we HIGHLY recommend Ronnie to anyone looking for a unique eye to capture their wedding day.


If you can dream it, we can do it.


The packages below are based on my most popular requests from clients. Everything from full day options that start with getting ready and end with dance floor shenanigans to smaller customized packages for those that want to elope at a cabin in the woods, it’s all there. And, if it’s not, just let me know and I’ll happily customize a package for you.

10 Hour Package $5650

10 Hours coverage
Engagement session
Sneak Peak Gallery
Online image gallery hosted for one year

8 Hour Package $4650

8 Hours coverage
Engagement session
Sneak Peak Gallery
Online image gallery hosted for one year

6 Hour Package $3650

6 Hours coverage
Sneak Peak Gallery
Online image gallery hosted for one year

Elopements $2450

3 Hours coverage
Sneak Peak Gallery
Online image gallery hosted for one year

But wait! There's more!

Of course there is, because your wedding doesn't fit in a box.

The truth is that you’re probably just in the very early stages of planning your wedding, so you probably don’t have all the answers quite yet. And that’s a good thing, because that means you likely have questions, and I probably have the answers!

Not sure if you should have a second photographer for the day? No problem. That can be decided on later, and I’ll be here to help you make that decision.

Have you seen my wedding albums and thought “Yeah, I need that.” Well great! The truth is that holding your wedding photos in your hands are an entirely different experience than looking at them over and over again on your screen. Flipping through your album on your 10th anniversary, or showing it to your family members that are technology adverse, or heck, just having in on your coffee table to look at any time you’re feeling nostalgic, THAT is why albums are so awesome. Any print products can be added on at any time, and like everything else, I’ll be here to help.

Check out my add ons below to get an idea of what extras can be included in your custom wedding packages.

500 Additional hour of photography
500 Second photographer for the day
1000 Wedding album
500 Engagement session


Are there other fees on top of these prices?

Yes. GST and any travel fees are additional, but that's it. Have questions about travel fees? Well scroll on over to the next question.

What travel fees do you charge?

Travel within the Greater Vancouver area are included in your wedding package however, fuel, ferries, and accommodation are additional charges outside of this area.

If you're planning a Gulf Island wedding or any wedding that would require me to stay the night I generally request two nights accommodation so that I can arrive safely the day before the wedding and use the time to scout locations for epic photos.

If we're not sure how much time we'll need yet, what should we book?

If you're not sure what package might suit your needs, but you know you want to lock the date in I generally suggest booking the 6 hour package to start. If you know that you'll want an engagement session you can either book the 6 hour and add on an engagement session, or book the 8 hour package right off the bat.

Remember that no matter what you book we can always add time, albums, and second shooters later!

How many photos can we expect to get?

Well, that all depends on how much time you book with me. I generally say between 30-50 final photos per hour of coverage will be provided, but it's ALWAYS way more than that. For an 8 hour wedding you can expect roughly 700 photos.

Do you require a retainer to hold the date?

I do! Once you're ready to check "Photographer" off of your to-do list I require a 30% retainer to hold the date. Once that's in my bank account and the contract is signed I'm all yours!

What are your Covid policies around postponements?

This is a tough one, and is evolving as we navigate our way through the Pandemic. As things change, so do my policies, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me during our consultation.

Okay, we're ready. What's the next step?

I knew you would be ;) The next step is to book a quick video chat together so we can say hi, put faces to names, and talk through some of your hopes and dreams for your wedding day. I'm a nerd for the details, so spill your beans!

Once we've had an initial consultation the contract gets sent over along with an invoice and we make it all official!


Yeahhhh you are. I can tell.

Now that you know exactly what’s possible the next step is to book your free consultation. It’s just a casual video chat, so you can stay in your jammies. I don’t mind.

When you know what day works best for a quick video chat just let me know and we’ll say hi!

I can’t wait to meet you!