Mom and Dad

43 Years Strong


It’s that time of year again! And if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, well, it’s time for my parents annual portrait session with yours truly.

This little project of mine started off about 5 years ago as a simple family photography session and has evolved into a tradition that I look forward to more and more every year. Last year my parents flew to Iceland with me for their portrait session and that inspired me to make this an annual adventure session rather than just a few snaps of my folks being cute. We couldn’t get to Iceland again this year, but I did manage to convince my mom to go to the lake in their small town and get into a kayak (much to her initial dismay).

Next year we have even bigger plans, but for now scroll through this years session (the day before their 43rd wedding anniversary) and check out how elegant someone can look getting out of a kayak 😉

Oh, ps, that goofy looking guy paddling my boat for me is my little brother. He’s helpful, sometimes, heh heh.