Best of 2015’s weddings & engagements

Going through a whole years worth of shoots is kind of an epic task, but in the very best possible way. Each gallery I looked through again involved a flurry of emotion. Happiness, excitement, and warmth were some of what I felt, but it was mostly the memory of how each one really was special in its own way that stood out to me. 

None of these weddings were the same as any other. Each of these couples have their own amazing story, each bride radiated her own beauty, each groom reacted to seeing his bride for the first time in such special ways, some cried, some shouted their disbelief at their luck at finding such an amazing partner, some went running towards her… And through each of these moments I sort of stepped out of my body and realized… I have the best job ever!

So thank you, to Amanda and Jesse, Ben and Kristy, Shane and Heidi, Andrea and Zoran, Diane and Maria, Josh and Advah, Zahra and Osama, Patty and Andrew, Mike and Amy, Justin and Jenny, Irena and Mike, Dana and Malcolm, Emily and Brent, Cory and Thomas and all of your families, bridal parties, guests, vendors, and my talented second shooters for making this such an amazing year. Thank you for making me a part of your love story. A million, trillion thank you’s. XOXOXO 

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