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  1. Mike and Ali’s Squamish Campsite DIY Wedding

    Date 02 Jan 2017
    One of the things that I love so much about photographing weddings is that each one gets to tell its own story, each is its own celebration tailored to the couple and their vision for the day, and Mike and Ali’s Sunwolf Campground wedding in Squamish was one of those weddings that…

  2. Lindsay and Neil’s intimate Tofino Wedding

    Date 02 Jan 2017
    Being asked to photograph your friends wedding is always such an amazing feeling. Each time this happens to me I get this rush of excitement, I get butterflies, and I probably even start to sweat a little. But when Lindsay and Neil asked me to photograph their Tofino wedding I literally…

  3. Best…no…FAVOURITES of 2016

    Date 01 Jan 2017
    Its that time of year again, when I look back on all of the incredible people that have touched my life in some way this year, and I realize…. I haven’t even blogged most of this stuff yet! I mean, there are entire weddings, entire engagement shoots, entire all kinds of…

  4. Samantha & Blake’s Grande Prairie Wedding

    Date 06 Sep 2016
    One of the things that I love about this career of mine is that I get to meet so many lovely people from so many different places that I never would have had the chance to get to know had they not decided to let me be part of one…

  5. Cory and Thomas’ Vancouver Club Wedding

    Date 09 Aug 2016
    Let me tell you. When Cory and Thomas walked through the door for our first consultation I knew right then that I wanted to capture their wedding. They had such a sweet chemistry with each other, and were so excited about planning their big day that I couldn’t help but…

  6. Ryley and Neil’s Stormy Iona Beach Engagement Session

    Date 09 Aug 2016
    At the start of my engagement session with Ryley and Neil, Ryley said (with a laugh and a flash of that beaming smile) “Ronnie, you never update your blog! I hate that you don’t update your blog! I want to see more photos!”. I knew right then that the next post…

  7. June | Vancouver Newborn Photography

    Date 20 May 2016
    Little, tiny, perfect little toes. Oh how I love those cute little toes! Welcome to the world, sweet baby June!

  8. Mike and Anne-Marie (and baby soon-to-be) | Vancouver Maternity Photography

    Date 20 May 2016
    Sometimes, on a blustery, cold winters day, hidden under a bridge and sheltered from the rain, you meet two people that are so radiant that you (almost) completely forget about just how numb your poor little fingertips are. Anne-Marie and Mike are two such people, and though we were all a bit…

  9. Baby Cohan | Vancouver Newborn Photography

    Date 15 Apr 2016
    He’s here! He’s here! Erin and Ryan’s perfect, sweet, much anticipated little man has arrived and hearts are bursting with love all over the world, and mine is definitely amongst them! Welcome Baby Cohan! Your mommy and daddy are two lucky folks!

  10. Erin, Ryan, and baby makes three | Vancouver Maternity Photography

    Date 08 Mar 2016
    Oh boy. What love I have for this growing family! These two (soon to be three) have been with me since the very start of my photography career. I’ve photographed some of their most intimate moments and just last week was so, so thankful to be able to capture Erin as a…

  11. Emily and Brent’s Steveston E-Session

    Date 02 Feb 2016
    Gah! Emily and Brent! Those smiles… those giggles… good grief they were cute to photograph! Despite a few re-schedules due to really horribly bad weather we finally got an absolutely perfect night at Fisherman’s Wharf in Steveston and that orange sunset…wow. What a treat Thank you so much Emily and Brent…

  12. Best of 2015’s weddings & engagements

    Date 04 Jan 2016
    Going through a whole years worth of shoots is kind of an epic task, but in the very best possible way. Each gallery I looked through again involved a flurry of emotion. Happiness, excitement, and warmth were some of what I felt, but it was mostly the memory of how each one…

  13. Andrew and Katie’s Toronto Wedding

    Date 30 Dec 2015
    There is nothing quite like having the honour of witnessing the union between two people. But, when that union is between two loving, hilarious, and generous people that are as much my family as they are my friends, well, that honour becomes exponentially greater.  Andrew and Katie tied the knot…

  14. Josh and Advah’s Granville Island Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

    Date 23 Dec 2015
    Writing blog posts can be hard. Sometimes you have a million words, and sometimes you just want to rely on the images to tell their own story. And in this particular case… well… I just can’t find words that would do this story justice. I mean, these two. Cuteness overload…

  15. Patty and Andrew’s Roundhouse Wedding

    Date 02 Dec 2015
    Oh man, Patty and Andrew’s sunny Vancouver wedding was so full of precious moments and beautiful details that I felt like a bobble head all day. Oh look! Over there! No! Over there! Gah!  These two, combined with their incredible planner Kailey-Michelle put on such a fun day that even…

  16. Sparkles! I love sparkles! | Edmonton Wedding Photography

    Date 02 Dec 2015
    When Amanda and Jesse first got ahold of me to photograph their wedding I fell “in like” with them instantly. We met via video chat and I could tell right away that they would be incredibly fun to work with. And then, months later, I met them in Edmonton for…

  17. Kristy and Ben’s Nelson Island backyard wedding

    Date 13 Aug 2015
    I don’t know if I have the words for how beautiful Kristy and Ben’s wedding was. In fact, words will never do their celebration of love justice, but, I’ll try This wedding was a very special series of firsts for me. It was my first visit to Nelson Island, my…

  18. Andrea and Zoran’s Brix wedding

    Date 24 Jun 2015
    Ohhhhh boy.  I just have to say that Andrea and Zoran continue to blow me away every day, and I happen to know that they don’t just have that effect on me. As soon as these two walk into a room together I swear that people light up! They have…

  19. Amanda & Jesse | Edmonton Engagement Photography

    Date 29 Apr 2015
    As anyone that lives in Edmonton knows, the weather in April can turn on a dime. So, on this particular day when the sunshine vanished and a freezing 35 mph wind kicked up Amanda, Jesse and I used it as an opportunity to get a little creative and use some of…

  20. Andrea and Zoran’s Gastown E-session

    Date 25 Apr 2015
    I just can’t get enough of Andrea and Zoran’s sparkly engagement session (not to mention their ridiculously cute little girl Lola!) Now I just have to wait a few short weeks for their Great Gatsby themed wedding at Brix, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be the…

  21. A beautiful Brix wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

    Date 03 Apr 2015
    I met Laura and James through a mutual friend (and past wedding client of mine) and instantly fell in love with them Laura is this sweet, bubbly woman that knew exactly what she was looking for on her wedding day and James is so madly in love and so excited…

  22. Katie and Kyle’s intimate Point Roberts Wedding

    Date 03 Apr 2015
    There really is something special about an intimate mid-afternoon wedding, especially when you gather 40 of your closest friends to witness your vows and enjoy your grandmothers favourite cheesecake by the seaside Point Roberts, just across the border in WA, is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to photograph weddings. With…

  23. One day in Cuba

    Date 14 Mar 2015
    Winter. Who needs it, right? I mean, even though we’ve had it pretty good out here on the West Coast this year I am an adamant believer in getting out of dodge at least once during those gloomy winter months and this year Cuba was my destination of choice As…

  24. Sasha and Tim's vintage seaside wedding

    Date 16 Dec 2014
    When Sasha and I first began to talk about her upcoming wedding the first thing that really stuck in my mind was that she and her fiancé really wanted a vintage seaside wedding. Since they have a long-time family cabin in Point Roberts, obviously it HAD to be in this…

  25. Karoline and Sean's Southlands backyard wedding

    Date 21 Nov 2014
    What an incredible day. My goodness. Where do I even start? Oh, right the beginning, naturally When Sean and Karoline initially came to me, they were planning a small backyard wedding with kegs and a BBQ, but as time went on, and maybe some moms got involved in the planning,…

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